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Gotta Dance Company Recital 2012  Photos from the recital

Gotta Dance Leap Shots April 2012  Leap shots from before the Company Recital

Gotta Dance Winter Recital  Photos from December 11th recital!

Beth Portfolio Shoot  Portfolio shoot for one of our favorite dancers. Both indoor studio and outdoor shots.

Gotta Dance Leap Shots #2  Fun photos of Gotta Dance Studio

Gotta Dance Spring Recital 2011  Photos from the June 2011 Recital!

Gotta Dance Company Recital 2011  Photos from the Gotta Dance Company Recital Performance.

Gotta Dance Company Leap Shots 2011  Leap Shots taken on stage before the Gotta Dance Company Recital.

Central Oregon Dance Showcase 2011  Photos from Central Oregon Dance Showcase 2011.

Gotta Dance Winter Recital 2010  Photos from performance.

Gotta Dance Web Advertising Shoot 2010  The Gotta Dance Instructors Advertising Shoot.

Alaska 2010  Denali sheep, bear, moose, wolves, caribou, scenery, the mountain. Katmai Bears.

Gotta Dance 2010 Spring Recital  Photos from the Spring Recital at Bend High School.

Gotta Dance Company Recital 2010  Photos from Gotta Dance Recital at Mt. View High School.

Meagan  Outdoor/Indoor Portrait Shoot.

Miss Crook County Miss Prineville Pageant 2010  Photos from the Miss Crook County / Miss Prineville Pageant Performance. For the safety of the girls, I have left out the "beachwear" photos. If you are a family member, or contestant, and you want to purchase the "beachwear" photos, please e-mail me.

Ubiquitous Diversity Recital 2010  Ubiquitous Dance Company Diversity of Dance Recital 2010.

Ubiquitous Diversity Dress Rehearsal 2010  Dress Rehearsal of Ubiquitous Dance Company's Diversity of Dance Recital. Tons of GREAT PHOTOS from lots of different angles around the stage.

Dance Showcase 2010  Dance Showcase - Contact me if you have trouble cropping to the size you want with the complete subject in the shot. Many of my Digital Negatives contain extra background.

Dance Showcase 2010 Dress Rehearsal  Dress Rehearsal Photos. Contact me if you are unable to crop a photo and keep the whole subject in the shot. My digital negatives often have additional background.

Megan's Senior Photos  Best portraits from Megan's senior photo shoot.

Ubiquitous Poster Shoot - 2010  Studio Headshots and Group photos of Ubiquitous Dance Company.

Portfolio Weddings  Examples from Before, During, and After Weddings. THESE IMAGES ARE NOT FOR SALE.

Portfolio Events  Examples of Our Photographs of Events - Dance Recitals, Concerts, Pageants, Stage Plays. THESE IMAGES ARE NOT FOR SALE.

Portfolio Portraits  Examples of Our Portrait Photos - Families, Modeling, Senior Photos, Pets. THESE PHOTOS ARE NOT FOR SALE.

A Christmas Carol 2009  Photos from a Live Performance of BEAT's A Christmas Carol.

Gotta Dance Winter Recital 2009  Photos from Gotta Dance Winter Recital - POSTED!

David Fahlgren Wedding Camera 1  All Formal Photos and Roving Photographer Photos of Ceremony.

David Fahlgren Wedding Camera 2  Wedding Shot from Tripod at Center Aisle.

David Fahlgren Wedding Rehearsal  Wedding Rehearsal Photos

Gotta Dance 2009 Spring Recital  Actual Recital Photos

Gotta Dance 2009 Spring Recital Dress Rehearsal  Dress Rehearsal Photos.

Jazz Dance Collective Recital Dress Rehearsal  Jazz Dance Collective Recital Dress Rehearsal - Dancers, Guitarists, and Singers. 2 Camera Angles for both run-throughs - many dances occur 4 times in this folder - Be sure to view the entire collection of photos.

Gotta Dance Company Recital - Tower 2009  Gotta Dance - Studio and Company Recital - Tower Theater. Special Guests - High Desert Dance Arts, Ubiquitous, Vertigo, and Madras Dance Arts.

Miss Crook County Pageant - Camera 1  2009 Miss Crook County Pageant Photos - E-mail me for the password, or ask the pageant director for it.

Miss Crook County Pageant - Camera 2  2009 Miss Crook County Pageant - Camera 2 (Low Angle) E-mail me for the password, or ask the pageant director for it.

Miss Crook County Pageant Dress Rehearsal  Dress Rehearsal for Miss CC. E-mail me for the password. Or ask the pageant director for it.

Miss Oregon Autographs with CC Princesses  Miss Oregon meets the Crook County Princesses and the Princess group shots.

Miss Crook County 2009 Workshop  Photos from Teen Workshop

Americana Song Academy  Photos from the Barn Performance at the 2009 Americana Songwriting Academy.

Miss Crook County 2009 Headshots  Miss CC 2009 Headshots. All shots can be cropped. Please e-mail me if you would like to zoom in on one of the photos. All photos can be enlarged to poster size.

Central Oregon Dance Showcase Performance  Actual Performance Photos From Showcase - POSTED!

Central Oregon Dance Showcase Dress Rehearsal  Dress Rehearsal of Dance Showcase - POSTED!

Portfolio Events  Examples of Event Photography - Dance Recitals, Concerts, etc... These photos are NOT FOR SALE - except to the people in the photos.

Alaska's Animals  Available For Sale - Various Animals photographed around Alaska - Denali and Katmai. Grizzly Bear, Arctic Wolf, Moose, Tern, gull.

Oregon Mountain Photos  Available For Sale - Photos of Oregon Mountains

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